Greg Maya


I am Gregorio Maya, City Science Coordinator at the Norman Foster Institute and a freelance consultant for various NGOs. Trained as an architect with a Summa Cum Laude degree, I have pivoted from traditional design to focus on the data-driven aspects of urban environments. My passion lies in analyzing spatial configurations to understand behavioral dynamics within built spaces, often applying principles of behavioral economics to enhance both client engagements and design outcomes.

In my role, I co-lecture in Urban Analytics and lead the technical development of sustainability tools for cities. As a Tableau-certified analyst proficient in open-source tools like Python, QGIS, and PostgreSQL, I contribute to creating sustainable urban solutions. My work involves mentoring the next generation of urban analysts, leading digital projects that integrate data science with urban design, and consulting for NGOs, providing insights that promote sustainable and effective urban development.

I maintain active academic ties not only with my alma maters, The Bartlett-UCL (UK) and Universidad de los Andes (COL), but also by collaborating closely with professors at UCA Canterbury (UK) and Universidad Nacional del Litoral (ARG).